There are a variety of cloth materials in the market - wool, cashmere, vicuna etc. And blends thereof. But for the majority, and most widely-used cloth in the business, from a classic “Wool Worsteds” standpoint is the Super 120s & Cashmere. This is the main cloth bespoke customers need to know about.
Made from Merino wool (which usually means Australian and New Zealand Merino sheep), this cloth surpasses time, its elegant feel, colours and construction
Our super 120's & Cashmere quickly became one of our most successful ranges ever. It aimlessly bridges the gap between luxury and wear-ability. Proudly these cloths can really be 'really put to work' day in day out. Constructed from a traditional 2/2 twill, with an embodied finish to enhance her warm handle. An elegant fabric from this range will ensure that the wearer always looks there best.
The plain cloth’s in this collection are ideal for summer weight Kandura, Thobe, Thawb or dishdasha, these cloths lend themselves to an elegant drape and shine, with durability built into every fibre.