Superfine English Plains – simply has to be the most elaborate range of plain colours available in todays market, suitable for both Kandura (Thobe, Dishdasha) and Suiting alike. This stunning panama range is the bigger sister of our Tropical collection, her plush soft luxurious finish guarantees a drape of elegance and sophistication.

Made from the very finest merino wool, in a light 335g weight – this faille cloth is created to breath easily via its dedicated 1x1 panama basket weave design; functioning to meet the requirements of both Suit and Kandura wearer alike.

The traditional Arab wear of Kandura, demands the highest quality possible. Kandura covers the whole body from neck to the ankle. One of the most interesting factors in Kandura is that it is suitable for both the extremes, hot and cold. As well as a traditional dress, Kandura also navigates us through the Great Holy culture of Arabia. The Tradition itself would be Incomplete without it. The majority of the Arabian land is deserted and the Kandura protects the body from the deserted weather conditions.