MOHAIR is in many tailors opinions one of the most beautiful types of cloth there is. “Mohair” refers to the fibre of the hair of the Angora goat, the goat being named after the Turkish capital of Ankara, which was historically known as Angora.

The Mohair goat traditionally has a white fleece but due to clever breeding they can now be found naturally in black, grey, red and brownish colours. With curly long hair the Angora goat is regrettably mistake often for a sheep, however the two are not directly related.

Traditionally, Mohair comes in two qualities: Mohair and Kid Mohair. The latter is obtained from a younger goat that delivers a finer, less coarse Mohair fibre.

The best quality is ‘Summer Kid Mohair’ using only the softest fibres from the very first shearing of a mohair goat. The cloth of choice for tuxedos because of its natural lustre and wrinkle resistance. Just ask Mr Bond. It’s been his fabric of choice in ever film since conception.

No matter whether it is a tuxedo or tailcoat, rest assured you will cut a remarkable figure if you make the same choice