Corduroy, The retro vintage look, that is so dated its now hipster. Mixed with Leather Elbow patches, or classic cuts, this fabric is ideal for everyday, everywhere casual attire, succinct with modern tailoring.

Corduroy is a truly vintage textile of cotton or cotton-mix fabric with a raised, ribbed, sheared surface nap and underlying weave. It is made from woven, twisted fibres which lie in parallel rows or ‘cords’ to form the cloth’s texture. The cords usually have a channel between them.

Corduroy has a velvety feel making it durable yet soft to touch. It has been used mainly for men’s working and sporting clothing throughout the centuries. Modern uses include trousers, shirts, skirts, suits, caps, dresses, jackets, toys and soft furnishing. The character of corduroy has not changed greatly since the late 18th Century.